The Smart City Alliance Prospectus



There is an urgent need to speed up the implementation of solutions and systems enabling cities to fulfil future requirements on welfare and sustainability. Going it alone is often very costly, risky and time consuming when it comes to investments in large scale infrastructure. Cooperation is a must to reach the future in time. Sharing investments in innovating and trying out new technologies is a must to keep costs down. Exchange of best practice, successes and failures has always been the approach of winners. As has ability to standardise, replicate and continuously improve. The Smart City Alliance has been established to provide an effective platform for such cooperation.


International alliance of cities that are determined to be global frontrunners in developing Smart City infrastructure solutions thereby meeting the urgent demands to establish long term sustainable, reliable and competitive services to its citizens.

The network exists to promote peer to peer learning and foster collaboration with cities internationally who share the vision of the benefits that can accrue if Smart Cities principles are adopted.

The Smart City Alliance is not about visions and discussions. Focus is on actions, swift delivery and practical results. To become involved in the Smart City Alliance, cities must have some very concrete objectives and investment plans Partners must also be willing to actively contribute in the process of making all members of the alliance global references as truly smart cities for the future.

In order to fulfil its ambitions, the alliance also aims to attract active involvement from relevant public institutions, industry associations as well as to establishing close cooperation with best-in-class suppliers of technologies, systems and services.

Being Smart is not about technologies as such, but rather what can be achieved as final output in terms of social welfare, opportunities, a thriving local economy and sustainable ecology. Our ultimate aim is to provide assistance in the journey towards this future.

Objectives & Focus Areas

Development & Procurement
Standardisation & Replication
Operations & Maintenance
Exchange of best practice
Joint innovation projects
Training activities
Clusters with neighbouring cities
Public & Industrial partnerships
Global outreach







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